Belle Morte
Author: Hana & Yume
Status: Coming Soon

Would you know a vampire if you met one? You'd think so... until you find out that guy you were flirting with last night is 500 years old, and the person that you thought you knew is hiding a secret they dare not tell you. They could be anywhere... you might even be falling in love with one.

Duo is a senior psychology major coasting his way through his last year of college. He's got the grades, he's got the girl, the perfect best friend and a bright future to dream about. Then he gets assigned a case study as his senior project, and in one moment, his life is forever changed. You see, the boy Duo is studying keeps babbling incoherently about one thing, over and over again.


Desperate to find the reason behind his mysterious subject's condition, Duo wanders into a midnight world of clubs, drugs... and a truth he never expected to uncover.

Vampires are just a myth, aren't they? A pipe-dream best kept for Halloween and overly dramatic role-play sessions.

Strange how that argument is forgotten when you're staring into blue eyes that have seen too much... and feel the prick of teeth at your throat.    

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