Room Service
by Yume

"Reservations for Maxwell?" The look and the tone matched, stopping just shy of dubious as he spared a glance for the sign above the front desk. 'Royal Windsor Motor Lodge', it proclaimed in peeling gold leaf. The title seemed a bit grandiose for this nondescript establishment in a nondescript part of town, whose signboard cheerfully announced heart shaped beds and Jacuzzis in select rooms.

*God, what was he thinking...*

"Ah," the wizened desk clerk brought him back from his attempt to rationalize the irrational. "Here we are, room 213." The clerk seemed to have something in his eye. Heero leaned closer for inspection and realized, much to his rather horrified fascination, that the old man was winking at him. "This here's one of our honeymoon suites." He laid the key on the counter with what probably would have amounted to a sly grin about 30 years ago. "There'll be a lucky lady tonight, I expect."

"Aa," he said distractedly, picking up the key with its heart-shaped fob. Turning, he idly held the door for the next customer, staring down at the key as he descended the three steps to the cracked sidewalk. There he stopped, lifting his head as he realized he was at a crossroads of a sort. To the left? His car, and with it escape. It would be easy enough to slip inside, pull out his cel phone and let Duo know in no uncertain terms that the plans had changed. However... to the right lay another possibility.

Unable to resist, he glanced that way, down the length of the building towards, presumably, room 213. He sighed heavily, tightening his grasp around the key. "Well... I guess it wouldn't hurt to just look." After all, he'd never seen a heart-shaped bed before.

That thought nearly stopped him in his tracks and sent him fleeing back the other way. *I've been around Duo for *way* too long.* He groaned inwardly, Duo had insisted that this would be fun. Not that their sex life...well... lacked for anything. Different could be good, though. Right?

Maybe this was just a little *too* different.

He glanced back over his shoulder again towards the car. "What am I, chicken?" he scoffed quietly. "I'm 17 years old, a former terrorist, and I'm hesitating because of a heart-shaped bed." He snorted softly. "Get a grip, Yuy." Nodding firmly, he strode off in the direction of the rooms.

Room 213 was conveniently situated just down the hall from the ice machine, the red door sporting a fresh coat of paint and recently polished brass numbers. Heero slipped the key into the lock and turned it, following suit with the knob as the bolt clicked open. The interior was dark and he fumbled with the light switch as he pushed the door closed behind him, finally achieving illumination as it fell shut.

Well... no heart-shaped bed. He wasn't sure whether to be relieved or disappointed. There was a Jacuzzi sunken into the floor two steps down from the bed. He peered into it curiously, but the water was still and calm. Maybe later they could... he cleared his throat, his cheeks suddenly hot. "Since when did I decide to buy into this idea?" he demanded of the air. Predictably, the air didn't offer anything useful in return.

Sighing, he climbed the stairs to the bed, frowning as he moved towards the nightstand and... "You've *got* to be kidding." Next to the phone sat a small basket containing several condoms disguised as gold coins in foil wrappers, a travel-sized tube of tropical massage oil and another of glassy clear lubricant. "Wow," he said sarcastically, "a hotel with all the amenities." Rolling his eyes, he flopped down on the king-sized bed, throwing his arm over his face.

Ok... positives, positives... well, this was still better than the gay strip club. He still wasn't sure who'd stuck the twenty down his pants that time. Ok, he was fairly sure it was Duo but... Duo had been standing on the other side of him at the time. Groaning again, he lifted his arm, intending to check the time.

The time became immaterial, however, distracted as he was by the ceiling. He let his arm fall to his side, craning his neck as he realized that every inch of ceiling above the bed was covered in mirrors. He watched, oddly fascinated, as he lifted his hand again and slowly passed it over his stomach.

A flicker of motion caught his eye and he turned his head, realizing that the wall just to the right of the bed was also mirrored, offering yet another view of his body. He sat up, crawling to that side of the bed and peering into the mirror as though he'd never seen it, or himself, before. Leaning his head back, he met his own eyes again from above. It was like being watched... and yet... not.

He took a breath, watching the slow rise and fall of his chest, then slowly laid back again, leaning on his elbows. It was difficult not to breathe a little faster now, a little harder, a situation that had seemed uncomfortable and annoying taking a sudden turn towards the erotic. His jerky breathing was making his jeans seem peculiarly tight, riding them against his groin as he lay there, one knee bent, the other slipped over the edge of the bed.

Swallowing hard, he lay down completely, resting his right hand on his stomach as he looked up at the ceiling mirrors. They recorded his every movement, silently watching, holding his twin in their cool, glacial embrace. They knew when his hand slipped downward, tugging at the buttons of his jeans. Just to ease the tightness a little... that was all.

Did they whisper, giggling softly, as his fingertips disobeyed their orders and dipped inside the denim fly? He might have wondered, had not the boy above him suddenly tensed, his fingers stroking along something flesh colored in contrast to the faded blue of his pants. Something hot and firm, beaded with moisture at the tip. Passing his thumb across it, he gathered the liquid on the pad, spreading it down the velvet flesh that carpeted the shaft.

Shivering, he closed his hand completely around his cock, back arching as he watched his mirror twin do the same. He stroked once, twice, then stilled. The friction was too much, too intense, almost painful. With an effort, he pulled his hand away, staring at the ceiling for a long moment before levering himself up, sitting in front of the mirror with his legs spread, flesh still modestly covered save for the proud rise of his cock where it looked out on the world, wreathed in a fringe of dark curls.

"This is..." he frowned, shaking his head. "Duo's going to be here in a little while. This is stupid." He frowned more deeply, trying to convince the Heero in the mirror how ridiculous the thoughts he was having were. The mirror seemed unimpressed, and he watched himself roll onto all fours, reaching for the nightstand, for the tube of lubricant that nestled next to the massage oil. He palmed it, glancing sidelong towards the mirror, studying the curve of his body, the slope of his hips, the heavy erection that swayed slightly as he moved.

In one swift motion he pulled his shirt off over his head, tossing it towards the pillows. Twisting, he lay down on his back again, lifting his hips so that he could push his jeans down, kicking them off onto the floor. The lube was almost cold against his skin as he squeezed it out onto his fingers, taking several slow breaths as he let it warm to body temperature before giving into the temptation to slather it onto his skin.

A low moan wrung itself from his throat as he completed one slow stroke, turning his head to watch the movement as he repeated it, pausing at the tip to circle that particularly sensitive pleasure point with his thumb. His head fell back, teeth closing on his bottom lip as he squeezed, his left hand gliding over his chest, teasing lightly over his nipples before giving up and burying fingers in the coverlet underneath him.

Spreading his legs wider, he thrust up against his hand, stroking the tip of his ring finger along the heavy curve of his balls. A choked gasp escaped past clenched teeth as he ran short, smooth nails over the underside of his shaft. As before, every movement, every touch, was reflected both above and to the side. He watched his own face contort with pleasure as the pace increased. It was impossibly erotic, incredibly personal in a way he'd never felt before, as though he were invited to partake of some secret that he'd only ever seen through Duo. The beauty of blind pleasure, portrayed for him as long as he still had the sense to observe it...sense that was swiftly escaping him the closer he came to fulfillment.

His cock was velvet hard beneath his touch, begging to be stroked, rewarding each touch with a flood of pleasure. He grit his teeth, lingering on the tip, grinding against it with the circular motion of his palm, back bowing until he thought it would break, body throbbing with the need for release.

He jerked in surprise as a hot mouth suddenly descended on his, surprise that melted as he breathed in Duo's scent. He gasped against him, but submitted to the kiss, Duo's tongue thrusting deeply inside his mouth as he became aware of his long-haired lover's body pressed against his side.

"Don't stop," Duo purred softly, breaking the kiss. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you look like this?" He ghosted another kiss across Heero's lips, then slid down his body, brushing another soft kiss over his nipple. "Keep going," he breathed, reaching across Heero for the tube of lubricant.

Heero watched him for a long moment, feeling the fire in Duo's purple dusk eyes lick against his soul, igniting the heat in his body. His hand stirred, sliding from the base of his cock to its apex, down and up...again... again... Weight settled across him and his hips bucked in response. Lifting his head he met Duo's eyes again, then flicked his gaze upward so that he could see them, together, in the mirrors. God... it was almost too much. He swallowed hard, gasping as Duo leaned down to kiss the back of the hand that encircled his erection without ever breaking eye contact.

"I thought I was going to have to drag you here," Duo said softly. He flicked his tongue across the head of Heero's cock while his hand was in the downstroke, making Heero tense and shudder. "I never thought I'd find this..."

He was suddenly aware of pressure, teasing, gentle, inexorable pressure, Duo's fingers begging entrance to his body. Tensing, he looked down at his lover, taking several unsteady breaths, then he closed his eyes and pushed back against Duo's hand, quickening the pace of his own touch as slick fingers slipped inside his body. They pushed deep, sliding in and out in a counterpoint rhythm to the one he'd already established. He was sliding again himself, sliding towards abandon, almost lost to it... until Duo drew him back.

"I love you, you know...I know I've never said it, but... There it is."

The admission was quiet, almost casual. Not a voice of confession, just a simple, sincere statement. Heero froze, pushing up on his elbow so he could look down into Duo's face, a very calm, almost serene face. Open to him with emotion and desire.

"Duo...I..." Duo shushed him almost fiercely, surging up for his mouth, pushing him down on the bed.

"No. I don't want to hear it," Duo said breathlessly, sounding almost desperate. "Don't ask me why or... don't say anything. Please." He nipped Heero's neck. "I need you..." He looked up through a fringe of bangs, suddenly uncertain "I...I want to make love to you."

Heero slid his arms around Duo's neck, legs wrapped around his waist. Wry grin tugging at his mouth, he snorted. "Alright, but first, let's get one thing straight..." Duo flinched, as though afraid of what he had to say. The grin softened into a smile. Studying him intently for a moment, he gently brushed strands of chestnut hair from violet eyes. "This is a hell of a time to say that, baka... But, I love you, too." He arched an eyebrow. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't."

Duo's eyes flew open, a poleaxed look on his face as Heero kissed him. When the braided boy didn't seem to be in any hurry to recover from the confession, Heero flexed his hips impatiently, fastening his teeth onto Duo's lower lip. A growl was the only warning he received, the tip of Duo's already freed erection pressing firmly against him...penetrating him.

Heero tossed his head, digging his nails into his lover's shoulders, hips bucking as Duo seated himself inside his body. "We haven't done...this in a while... have we?" he breathed.

"Much as I like you on top of me," Duo responded, "sometimes I want you beneath me." Pulling out, he thrust back in, a swift, fierce rush. "Sometimes... I want to be inside you."

Shuddering, Heero whispered his name, a litany of encouragement as he found his rhythm. Duo increased the force with every movement, watching Heero for his cues, walking that line of intensity between pain and pleasure. Opening his eyes, Heero found himself fascinated by the scene in the mirror above. Duo was all coiled muscle and lithe strength, half-clothed body moving over him in a graceful, visceral dance of possession. Heero's fingers tangled in the hem of his lover's shirt, yanking it up. "Off," he commanded firmly, pressing Duo upward with a hand on his chest so that the offending article was more easily liberated.

He splayed his fingers across Duo's back, watching taut muscles bunch and strain, the smooth line of his hips unbroken as the union of their bodies continued towards its inevitable completion. "What are you looking at?" Duo breathed into his ear.

Heero shivered as Duo suckled his earlobe, pressing a kiss to his temple distractedly. "Us," he gasped as Duo pinned him to the bed with an emphatic roll of his hips. "I'm watching you make love to me..." he added in a whisper.

"Really?" He considered him thoughtfully, then suddenly twisted, pulling Heero on top of him, gratified as the movement pushed him deeper, eliciting an appreciative moan from Heero. He watched the blue-eyed boy push up onto his knees, riding Duo's cock, then lifted his head to survey the ceiling. "God... incredible."

He knew now why it had Heero so fascinated. Watching his lover ride him was an incredible turn-on, but... "Stop," he said firmly, grasping Heero around the waist and holding him down.

"Why?" Heero demanded unsteadily, casting a hazy glare his way.

"Finish what you started." Heero's gaze sharpened, and Duo slid his hands along his thighs soothingly. "I want to see you touch yourself. Come for me, Heero..." His eyes blunted to startlement, uncertainty, a slight flush coloring his cheeks. "You're so beautiful," Duo reassured him quietly. "You have no idea what watching you does to me." After a moment, Heero's hand crept forward, slipping around the length of his cock, eyes tracking to Duo's face as he slowly stroked it. He was tentative, still self-conscious... and Duo loved him for it. A mischievous grin crept across Duo's generous mouth and he slid his hands over the curve of Heero's backside, giving him no warning when he suddenly thrust up into him.

Bracing himself against Duo's knee, he swayed, his hand moving more urgently over his erection as Duo filled him again... and a third time. "Duo..."

"Keep going," Duo urged him breathlessly. Heero bucked above him, his head falling back as he submitted himself to the doubled assault of Duo and his own pleasure. His body moved in a sinuous curve, riding Duo, thrusting restlessly into his own hand. That hot, tight body clenched around Duo, the staccato beat of his strokes and his labored breathing declaring that he was close... very close.

"I love you..." It seemed like, the more you said that... the easier it got. And that simple phrase was the link that called Heero home. He tensed, crying out in near-anguish as he toppled over the brink. His body jerked, spilling jets of warmth over Duo's stomach, his spasming muscles inspiring his lover to a renewed urgency of his own.

He thrust mercilessly, rewarded with a hoarse cry from Heero as he pulled the spent boy down on top of him. Heero buried his face against Duo's neck, making soft noises of pleasure as Duo claimed him fiercely. "God... Heero!" Duo's back arched, his fingers digging into Heero's thick, dark hair as his sweet body finally claimed *him*.

* * * * * * * * * *

"I can't believe we just had incredible sex at the 'Royal Windsor Motor Lodge,'" Heero commented wryly a good ten minutes later.

"Incredible?" Duo smirked tiredly. "Damn, I *am* good." He licked Heero's nose as his lover lifted his head to glare at him.

"Baka, don't *do* that."

"Why? You're tasty." He shifted. "And heavy." He poked Heero in the side, seeking out a particularly ticklish rib when he didn't move.

He moved.

Heero rolled onto his back and lay still, staring up at the mirrors. "I've... never watched before," he said after a moment. "It was-"



"Well... you know we've got the room all night."

Heero grinned, watching Duo cast him a sidelong glance in the mirror. "Really?" Duo nodded. "I suppose we should get our money's worth, then..." He rolled over, lightly grasping Duo's wrists and pinning them against the pillows. "Ne?"

"God... already?" His eyelids fluttered as he felt proof of Heero's interest pressing against his thigh. "You really *are* the Perfect Soldier, aren't you? 'Omae o korosu,' he says." He smirked, reaching up to delicately capture the tip of Heero's chin in his teeth. "If you'd told me you were planning to do it with *that*, well..." He trailed off as Heero rubbed himself enticingly against Duo's own rising interest, hands clenching into fists as his entire body fairly vibrated with intense, focused *interest*. "Oh hell," he growled, "fuck me sideways, Yuy. Do whatever you want with me." Giving him a heavy-lidded look of pure desire, he purred, "just love me..."

"Interestingly enough," Heero responded with a lazy smirk of his own. "That's exactly that I had in mind." Duo shivered lightly in anticipation as Heero obligingly devoured his mouth. His eyes drifted to the mirror above them, fascinated, as they slowly began their dance all over again.

The End

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